It is humanoid to have conflicts and opposing desires. Humans are excellent reward detectors, and it is our evolutionary legacy to reward our bodies and neurotransmitters. Our primitive systems alert us to anything that will reward us with what we need, want, or seek. We operate in the realm of instinct, reflex, anthropological heritage, and the indoctrination of advertising and technology. Our lives are saturated with allures, become phone dummies, text messages, take selfies, shop, gamble, smoke, have sex, drink, and overeat junk food. Our physical and mental systems were built and solidified when survival was competitive. This is why it is difficult to control our desires because addiction is a pathological form of learning built into our primary circuits. This is just one reason why people struggle with food addiction and obesity and have many conflicting thoughts and actions. This is why change is so complex and requires Herculean efforts to modify even simple desires. Superimposed on this physical imperative is the saturation of data and Big Tech, which aggravates our flaws and democracy while assaulting our capabilities to reason, trust, innovate, control, and act in our interest.


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