Happiness Now

Happiness and misery depend as much on temperament as they do on fortune, so try cultivating a better outlook and disposition. Your chances for happiness in life and love will be greatly enhanced.

Change your physical routines and move more toward action. Acting happy creates a better mood. Look in the mirror and laugh out loud. When was the last time you laughed with a big stupid grin on your face? Feel the stiff muscles give. Put on some music and dance, move, scream, yell, and shout out loud and remember that other people are home or at work sitting and typing.

We spend so much time working, often sitting hunched at a desk, and typing for hours. Our bodies need a chance to relax. Natural movement, whether outside or in the comfort of our homes, does wonders for us physically and mentally. Satoru



A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don’t like you. But a smile can also ingratiate you with someone, help you succeed, allow people to like you more, improve your love life and interpersonal relationships, etc. Most of all, a smile on your face can and will make you happier.

Happiness and misery depend as much on temperament as they do on fortune, so try cultivating a better outlook and disposition. Your chances for happiness in life and love will be greatly enhanced.


Noise and Air Quality

If you are a jogger or breathe, this is an alert.

This information is from a meteorologist friend who works for the EPA.

If you are fatigued more often, have a slight cough, tearing eyes or running nose, it is a reaction to our worsening air pollution. The world is drowning in an ocean of noise and air quality alerts are much more frequent. Since the DOT has changed Grand Street in NYC, into two lanes, the heart stressing, horn blowing noise, and the air pollution, has become critically unhealthy. As a political organization, the EPA could not keep asserting that the air quality was unacceptable. Imagine what the public’s reaction would be after two weeks of filthy air? So, the EPA changed the nomenclatures of their air pollution levels. They are now using the euphuism “moderate” for air that is just on the line of being unacceptable to breathe. When the particle count is over 50, the air is unhealthy to breath. Our neighborhoods count is 47. It is also a fact that we are experiencing extreme pollen levels. If you would like more information, contact me for an alleviating alternative. Cheers. S


I always feel guilty when I pee into a toilet. I have been thirsty and I have been hungry. You can live for weeks without food. You can only live days without water. Clean water is the miracle of this planet and makes all life possible. What am I doing, crapping it up? This is water that can keep me alive. We use it to clean, flush it into oblivion, and take it for granted. All the next wars on this planet will be fought over water. Ecologically we are eroding the foundations of our economies, food security, clean water, and health worldwide, as the atmospheres carbon dioxide level reaches highs not seen in three million years. When will we wake up and get the message? People have not learned to save themselves or take care of themselves and others, so how are we are going to save the planet. We interfere with nature continually and wonder why all the species on earth are disappearing. But all this will not matter if we do not have a planet to live on.


Exponentially Improve Your Future

You can have inspiration, motivation, and fantasies, but what you must have is organization and a prioritized plan. Vision is a dream of what we want, what we aspire to become our destiny, and it should be clear. Mission is the focus on who, what, and when. Our values determine how we deal with the interconnectedness. Vision is dream; mission is focus; core values are behavior. In tomorrow’s world, knowledge and information will supersede every aspect of growth. If you want to let the future in, you have to exam, scrutinize, learn, and know, these aspects of your thinking. Then you must be prepared, physically, mentally, logistically, and most of all with implementation.



We have to reckon forcefully with the idea that there is a right side and a wrong side. The key world here is responsibility for your actions, inactions, collusion, collaboration, speech, or silence. If you are aware of the problem, but do nothing, then you are complicit in accepting a system or situation, which has twisted reality for their convenience. If you can act, even in a small way, and you will not, that is where complicity lives, and your inaction has moral consequences.



Moving forward after misfortunes

Release the thoughts that no longer serve you, by first acknowledging the harm it is doing to your physical and mental health, by carrying the weight of the past hurts, disappointments, madness, accidents, and life’s tribulations. Then stop and visualize the freedom of cleansing yourself of the burden. God and Caesar are man-made authorities but one’s ultimate authority should be oneself. It is not your fault, obligation, or duty to punish yourself or hold the guilt or shame. Be accessible, find some key people and engage them. Focus on your mid-course correction and then your new direction. Even if you did the best you could and failed, you tried. Move forward into a positive reality by understanding you have another chance today to get under way again, and begin. Are you breathing? Drink a full glass of water, stretch, take a deep breathe, put your hands over your head and say out loud, “Yes I can start again.”