My birthday celebration- yeah right. 

These people know how to party.

Let’s get some Islamic fundamentalist terrorists and send them to the carnival with box seats. 

Their cognitive dissidence will instantly convert them to hedonists.

A partial cure for world terrorism. 



Top 50 Rio Carnival Floats [HD] | Brazilian Carnival | The Samba Schools Parade – YouTube


Earth’s climate machine is unimaginably intricate, filled with interlocking gears and shock absorbers but lacking clarity. Today’s greenhouse gases will remain in the atmosphere for centuries, even if all other admissions cut off immediately. The planet is in peril, and it will take drastic action to save it. The greenhouse gas and pollution rise are at a dangerous level. Admissions are rising by at least one and a half percent every year. To avoid climate disaster admissions, they have to fall by 7% every year for the next decade; they are not falling, they are rising. Everyone, executives, customers, employees, and investors have to be more accountable for their impact on the environment. Artificial desires are despoiling the earth.

Once a year we celebrate the earth ecologically. The rest of the year we treat it like dirt.


Worry will destroy all your dreams. Never agonize about something before it happens. Instead make the proper preparations, face the worst case scenario, and act. Worry is the interest you pay in advance for a debt you may never owe. What you tolerate you worry about. Do not be afraid to speak your truth. If you can’t say no to what you don’t want or tolerate,  then you will never have the time and energy for what you do want. Extrapolate this to other aspects in your life. Insight is the spontaneous organization of chaos.

Life is Execution

Having a great idea, knowing what to do and what action to take, writing down a list, and setting up a plan is essential, but they do not equal executionDoing is what it is all about. Implementation is everything, and objectives mean nothing unless they are transformed into action.

Your fortune, however difficult to achieve, is there. The trick is to recognize it. It comes sporadically and in forms disguised. But most of all, it comes to you in opportunities that are few and far between, sandwiched within an infinity of plausible futures. We look at the chance and see only the present. You must observe the opportunity and see the seeds of the future. If you are to succeed, waiting for ideal conditions or a situation is rarely an option. Excellent opportunities never last long and usually require a change in your thinking and actions. Often, you have just one chance, and if you do not take advantage of that moment in time, the possibility is forever lost. 

Action and Time 

Life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.

Doubt entails self-examination because a check on the plausible beliefs and attitudes checks all that constitutes the self. So self-examination entails self-awareness and revising your fake assumptions, a matter of degree. We hold onto the beliefs that maintain a particular conception of ourselves and our relationship to the world. Usually, we have a personal investment in these beliefs; hence these are the ones most resistant to change. This is another reason why changing thinking and actions are so complicated.

Perhaps, to be more objectively analytical, considering action and time are life’s most essential concepts, we should concentrate our beliefs and faiths in taking advantage of what we have and do it in a timely fashion.

All we see and touch is all we will ever have in this life. Your existence is not a dress rehearsal, immerse and absorb it up and do it now.