Many people are compulsively into control because they lack imagination. They do not internalize that life is not linear, and that communication, growth, people, and activities have multiplicities of variables. This is why many administrators, supervisors, and relationships destroy initiative, because they cannot make dynamic plans without hope and conceptualize future inconsistencies. Hope cannot be projected without imagination and change. Situations and the future have to be conceptualized as different; you cannot just concentrate on attempting to perfect the present. How do we learn to modulate our control, increase our essential imagination, and expand our scope? Is the answer in the question? Satoru

Life is not a spectator sport.

Do you believe in Genies?

If your answer is “no” go back to sleep. If your answer is “yes,” will you be aggressive enough to rub the bottle? If not, it does not matter what you believe. Even a genie, someone that can grant you your life’s wishes, needs some encouragement. If you are so passive, inhibited, inflexible or scared that you refuse to believe or to rub the bottle then you suffer the consequences of inaction, and your chance to fulfill your dreams is lost forever.

Keep your feet in the mud but reach for the moon.

Make no little plan because they have no magic to stir one’s imagination. Make big plans, work hard and visualize your success. If you fail at the big plan you will still have accomplished more then if you only had made only minor plans.