Regaining Elasticity

YOGA. Take a beginning class, relax and smile. All you have to do is stretch. It is a great way to start to move. Remember the idea is always to release tension, stress, and unwind. You have to start to reaffirm contact with your body and loving yourself. After you stretch, sit, breath, and meditate.

It is the tree that bends with the wind that survives.


Sense of Humor

Exercise probably helps to sustain your life more then any other factor. It allows us to have more focus, energy, and relaxation because it reduces stress. The second most important factor in prolonging your life is probably a sense of humor. Laughing also deactivates stress hormones and aids the immune system. People with a developed sense of humor tend to be more creative and more adapt at solving the many problems that life gives us. It improves many cognitive functions. Most of all, it helps people get along with others.