Bushido Meditation.

All Samurai practiced meditation as part of their code and philosophy. The code of bushido has seven principles to guide a Samurai, the most outstanding being honor.
Though we often live unconsciously, “on automatic pilot,” every one of us can learn to be awake. It just takes practice.

Meditation is about letting in an eternal life force, becoming more aware of the now, clearing your mind, and heightening your awareness of your body. It is not about cutting you off from the world, but opening yourself up to it. Meditation can be done in any position and can be made a part of your life. How hard can it be to just sit and breathe? This is the start of stress release, total self-awareness, and communication with the universe.

Remember there is no form of contemplation that is without ethical values. When your perception has been cleansed and you perceive the world as a jewel you assert all virtues and positively influence everything around you. Satoru


I am meditating on a deck above the beach looking east into the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. My beach shack is on a tiny island a few hundred miles from the mainland. The wind off the sea is a strong twenty knots and the salt spray floats across the waters and settles on everything a salty mist. The churning waters are a milky blue opaque and the whitecaps run clear to the horizon. Swimming in the chop with only a mask and snorkel is like a sensory deprivation tank. You cannot see anything but the milky water, which acts as a mirror reflecting your thoughts, and there is nothing but the vast sea surrounding you with neutral buoyancy. Breathe deeply and inhale fresh clean air. There is life in every breath. This is the life of a Zen Buddhist. This is bushido the life of the warrior. So breathe deep and be grateful for the gift of life and all it entails as the sunset turns blood red.