The elegant twin searchlight beacons

pointed toward Arcturus

the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere.

This one isolated star in the sky,

more luminous than our sun,

despite the glare of the cities lights.

The beams pointed directly, over my head, to the big red giant.

A metaphor that I could not interpret.

Images of my smoothed skin lovely,

crushed under millions of tons of the exploded tower,

imploding into the sky on its downward slaughter.

The years have passed. Time passes, it passes.

More crescent moons preside now than before the sadistic butchery.


Life is a cafeteria

My grandfather believed that the way to teach a child is through stories. He had a favorite story and he would tell me it once a year. The story was about when he came to New York City from Europe. He went into a cafeteria and he sat down at an empty table and waited for someone to take his order. No one came. Eventually, a man sat down opposite him with a tray of food and told him how things worked. The man said, “Just start at the end and pick out whatever you want. At the other end, the cashers will tell you how much you have to pay.” Grampa would say, “Life is a cafeteria in America.” That’s how everything works in the U.S. You can get anything you want as long as you’re willing to pay for it. You can even buy success. But you’ll never get anything if you wait for someone to bring it to you. You have to get up and get it yourself.”


Improve the Situation

The Republican Party announced today that it is changing its emblem from an elephant to a condom because it more clearly reflects the Republican party’s position on the major issues facing America. A condom accepts inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you’re getting screwed.

Listen to Ray Charles rendition of America.

We have not lost it yet, but we are dam close.

Vote agent orange a way, or pick up your Nazi armband.

If you do nothing you are complicit.




Inner peace can only come when you have organized the chaos around you. Find a quiet place to think because it is impossible to compose your thoughts while assaulted by noise. Chaos is as physically distracting as loud sound. If you have not used it in the last five years the odds are you will never use it, so throw it out. Fewer possessions engender more freedom and more space is conducive to expansion. Stop, sit, breath.

Living in the Now with the Corona Virus.

You must not be a casualty of someone else’s dream or misinformation.

At some point in your life, if you are not happy with your actuality, relationships, or health, you have to decide whether to continue your attitude and old ways, later have many regrets, or make the changes necessary to achieve your goals by starting now. Bear in mind that if you have a lot of excuses not to alter and improve your existence, wash your hands and wear a mask, that the justifications are probably well-planned lies. You may just want a healthy life and authenticity. Forget it. Normal left our times long ago and does not figure on returning anytime soon. Luck favors the prepared mind. Maintain your social distancing in all situations. Be a little relaxed paranoid; the coronavirus is out to get you. Always wear a mask, or you kill the ones you love.