My exceptional friend Richard Mavrovich sent me an email with the subject line, “The difference.” The message was an image of two panels shaped like the dashboard of a jet fighter. One-labeled WOMAN was covered with knobs, buttons, diodes, switches, and dials, complex, and almost unfathomable. The MEN box had but a single switch, labeled on and off. The “message” certainly makes men look simpler than women. Perhaps it is true, since most women associate sex with family, children, new life and new relationships, whereas men associate sex with life itself. For a man, being with a woman and making love, with all its intensity and intimacy, is a way of affirming a primal instinct of procreation and refuting death.

Do not make culmination type choices when you are too young, too inexperienced in life’s variables or too unsophisticated to understand all the permutations, because they can set the course of your life in a troubled direction. Especially, in the choice of relationships. Shop around.


More continued

Everyone wants more money to have more disposable income to spend on goods and services to make them happier, making consuming the definition of progress. But we have excluded values such as leisure time, volunteer work, clean air, low crime and longer healthier lives into the calculations of more and happier. We have also turned the planets resources  into things we can consume, whether renewable or not. The real world has art, truth, wonders to satiate both the sophisticated and gross, beauty, and love, that should be enough. But everyone wants more. We only have to open our eyes to see that we already have everything we need. The world has too many unawares, all demanding exotic baubles and using too much of society’s energy to satisfy frivolous cravings, upsetting the exquisitely delicate balance between ecology and society.

Taste the Now, smell the infinite, feel the smooth skin, hear the silence and the music of the wind, develop a Technicolor mind, be blinded by the rainbows and see forever.




Nations, companies, corporations, cooperatives, businesses, and most of all, people, do not appreciate what they have. So, the thrust is always, more, better, enhance, give me, get me, buy me, do me, more. If one can stop, and appreciate what we have, relax, and just try to modify what we possess to improve our lives, fine. But no. We totally wreck it, to the point that we jeopardize what we have. When we lose what we had gained after working so hard, we enter a life of regret. But it is too late to learn, it is done, over, finished. The lesson is that we have to be somewhat content with what we have, achieved, value, and possess. We can strive to obtain more, in a multiplicity of variables, but beware of extending your desires to demanding what is too difficult, unreasonable, untimely, and without thought of others, and the ultimate consequences.


Now Success

The more successful you are the easier it is to lead. If you have success you can afford better advisors, food, health care, and most of all you have more energy. Seek out an older successful person and ask their advice. Consider the information they give you with a view toward change and having a vision. Stop everything and listen to the quiet to have contact with your intuition and creative thoughts. Forget about multitasking and focus on doing one thing with quality and excellence. Life is action, but do not confuse activity with progress.



Reach for the moon but keep your feet in the mud.

Make no little plans. If you dream, dream big. Aim high in your love, work and life goals. If you fall on your head, you will fall higher if you made big plans. If you fail, so what? A hundred years from now it will not make any difference.

We are poised at the edge and end of forever. Every move counts.


Life is Doing

Life is doing, everything else is just waiting. You have to be open, engaged, and implement. To paraphrase Oliver Wendell Holmes. “To reach the port of success and happiness, you must sail. Sometimes with the wind, sometimes against it. Always sail, never drift nor lie at anchor.”

So, luck, or in reality preparation meeting opportunity, only works if you are flexible and have the scope to face the realization that you have been; procrastinating, preoccupied, not prioritizing, and making excuses, (which in reality is just a well-planned lie,) and not making time to alter your direction and grow. So, meditate on living in the now and being absolutely engaged, open yourself to new opportunities, cultivate a more objective persona, simplify and plan, and adapt as your new mantra, Life is Action.

Happiness and circumstance

Have you ever seen a stonemason split a huge rock? He will hit the rock many times just to draw a straight line. Then he will strike the rock on the sides to guide the fault. After tapping the boulder many more times in incremental steps he will, at last, give the stone a final blow and split the rock. Sometimes when we work, it is hard to see the cumulative effect or results. There is usually no easy way so expect difficulties and solve them in progression. All choices lead somewhere. Fix the difficulty, do not place blame. Define the problem and then adapt to the challenge.

Happiness has less to do with your circumstances than how you perceive them.