Living in the Now with the Corona Virus.

You must not be a casualty of someone else’s dream or misinformation.

At some point in your life, if you are not happy with your actuality, relationships, or health, you have to decide whether to continue your attitude and old ways, later have many regrets, or make the changes necessary to achieve your goals by starting now. Bear in mind that if you have a lot of excuses not to alter and improve your existence, wash your hands, wear a mask, that the justifications are probably well-planned lies. You may just want a healthy life and authenticity. Forget it. Normal left our times long ago and does not figure on returning anytime soon. Life does not stand still, or go in a straight line, and luck only favors the prepared mind.

Don’t wear a mask and you kill the ones you love.


Picking a side

Corruption, nepotism, exposing wrongdoings, and biased reporting seems to be everywhere. Whatever happened to a universe of honest exchanges in search of mutual understanding. There is nothing inherently virtuous about being neither here nor there or not picking a side. Too many talented and passionate citizens spend too much energy, where they have the least impact. There is an inversion of our priorities from the neighborhood whose life we can help change, to the nation that we can’t save. We have to share a community that we can immediately and consequentially enrich. Unfortunately, the scale of the challenge contributes to a sense of futility. For example, the toxic air that is polluted enough to project danger to the health and development of our entire population and neighborhood, and amazingly, the simple act of getting everyone to wear a mask.


Health Facts

Agrostological campaign. The word refers to the purposeful spread of ignorance. It’s how people create uncertainty about scientific results when there really shouldn’t be any. The real pioneers were the tobacco companies, and the campaign to discredit doctors who claimed tobacco smoke was a carcinogen, it is. Become suspicious when some nefarious institutional entities are controlling the situation. Protect yourself from magical thinking by developing a strong base of information about the subject, not just by googling terms. Below are some reliable sources.


Some of the best sources for reliable health information are:

Centers for disease control and prevention,, (disease outbreaks.)

Cleveland Clinic Mayo Clinic, (explains conditions) ((diagnose and treatments)

Cochrane, (Reports on the various topic by scientists)

Medline Plus, (Hot issues and evidence)

World health organization, (World Wide clarifications.)

Stay safe, Isolate.

Earth day

The energy that the sun gives to the earth in one hour is equivalent to all the energy used in a year by civilization.

Throughout the past century, humankind has done everything in its power to dominate nature. We dammed all of our planet’s important rivers, chopped down rain and old-growth forests, depleted our precious soil and paved over enormous amounts of fertile farmland. Burning fossil fuels created over eons, we pumped billions of tons of greenhouse gasses in the air, altering atmospheric chemistry, changing weather patterns, and appreciably warming the planet on an accelerated basis. As our world’spopulation rises above the 7 billion marks, dozens of animal and plant species go extinct every day. We have a very simple challenge. Build a sustainable economy, or stay with our unstainable system until it declines, to a planetary-scale degradation, and takes us all down with it.

Once a year we celebrate the earth ecologically. The rest of the year we treat it like dirt.

Stay safe, isolate.


I apologize

I apologize. I have a tough time dealing with incompetence and stupidity on this level. But even the bible says, “Do not suffer fools gladly.” Some people need a job where they do not deal with the public or have to think. A person has to know their limitations.

Trump’s election is simultaneously a sign that many people were desperate for something different and a reflection of the shallow, frivolous, and uneducated culture that spawned him. He’s just trying to skate through his presidency without getting impeached and have his family get rich on the other side. Agent Orange’s response has been typical Trump: Lie or ignore the truth, mislead, obfuscate, appoint leaders inept at leading on the issues and, of course, shift blame. And the Vichy republicans support of agent orange is blind obedience. Trump then declares that everything is under control, when control is the last thing the administration has, especially over an emergency outbreak. And Trump put Pence in charge of the Coronavirus pandemic. A man who believes in fairy tales rather than science, and funerals for miscarriages. This administration has America swinging between imperturbability and panic. With dwindling, public confidence, and unwanted Trump appendages being cut off and fired when they are no longer useful to him. We have taken a giant step backwards to Deja voodoo, and become hypersensitive to bull dust, ever since we have had our faces rubbed in it. Disaster now appears as possible and intolerable.

Stay safe, isolate.