I was trying to have a conversation with Marjorie Taylor Green. It always struck me as unusual that white trash could become a senator. After trying to explain how democracy works, and her unresponsiveness, a quote from the Bible came to me. “Cast ye not pearls before swine year yah they trample them into the mud.” So I left her without another word and spoke to another disingenuous person, Senator Joe Manchin, an alleged Democrat, derailing Democratic priorities. The man has little integrity or honor and competes for the position of a traitor. My grandfather used to say, “Give a little man a little power; you see how little he is; give a big man a little power, and you see how big he is.” I stopped talking to this little man, and so should the nation, certainly his voters. How intelligent can Americans be if they elect these representatives who have no interest in progress, helping anyone but themselves, and are just interested in enhancing their political careers? Let’s start a better world by voting them and their enablers out. Satoru


Soviet regime’s legitimizing mythology, the anti-Putin movement has to contend with the systematic extirpation of free discourse and independent media by the Kremlin. The Russian President is so obsessed with conquering his neighboring country that he has destroyed Russia’s standing in the world, rolled back three decades of progress and seems prepared to send untold numbers of Russians to die to prevent a democracy from flourishing next door to his autocracy. What discourages nations and opponents from war is usually the prospect of harm. But Putin is a testosterones drenched, saber rattling, isolated dictator. Some people just want to watch the world burn. Satoru

Ageing attitude

Getting old is a shock, as is going from indestructible, to vulnerable, to fragile.
Confronting one’s own mortality, puts you in denial first, and then rearranges your entire life’s priorities to just stay alive.
Some adjust to the inevitable, some become despondent, some make realistic or unrealistic plans, and some just give up and die.
I firmly planted my feet in midair.
I went to my urologist. He said I could go at any time. I said I have a prostate problem. He said “To pee or not to pee that is the question.”
I went to my proctologist. He said I have hemorrhoids. I asked him “Why don’t they call them asteroids?
I went to my psychiatrist. I said I have suicidal tendencies. She said, “From now on you have to pay in advance.”

Luck is not a strategy.

Implementation is everything, and objectives mean nothing unless they are transformed into action. Your fortune, however difficult to achieve, is there. The trick is to recognize it. It comes sporadically and in forms disguised. But most of all, it comes to you in opportunities that are few and far between, sandwiched within an infinity of plausible futures. We look at the chance and see only the present. You must observe the opportunity and see the seeds of the future. If you are to succeed, waiting for ideal conditions or a situation is rarely an option. Excellent opportunities never last long and usually require a change in your thinking and actions. Often, you have just one chance, and if you do not take advantage of that moment in time, the possibility is forever lost. I think that the world is bruised and bleeding, but we have to refuse to capitulate to the aggressive apathy and incompetence that permeates our society. Instead, we have to take action and persevere in making our own luck and healing civilization. Satoru

Good Luck

Luck is a spontaneous mutation showing up randomly. It hangs around according to whim and is a pompous theoretical construct of improbability. We are only as lucky as we think we are. To find luck you have to look for it, perhaps aggressively. Luck may not be a genuine concept of reality in this world. But like faith and hope luck exists in our minds. Some believe, especially if they’re optimistic, that they are lucky and that produces a luckier individual. Perhaps you make your own luck when you are looking for it. The chips fall where they may unpredicted and with spontaneity. There is a brilliant randomness of everyday life. Luck is a big surprise that should make you laugh. Make your own Luck. My definition of luck is preparation meeting opportunity. Satoru