The Millennium Crusades

Not to eradicate the Taliban and leave women at their mercy is a mistake. A religion that does not allow music is deceitful and sick. This was the same thinking that leads to the lack of file sharing that allowed 9/11 to happen and the beginning of the Millennium crusades. I was a witness, casualty, and close to victims of 9/11. I will never let it happen again. The negatives of revenge and protection will never outweigh the defensive action to prevent another catastrophe. I am inconsolable because of this catastrophe. I watched the towers’ trajectory, and in minutes the burst and the profound blackness of smoke and ashes of the dead fill the skies. An arc of time interrupted by eternity on the way down to a sticky coating of paranoia. Monsters were hiding in the debris below, and it took a civilized person to know who the real ones were. The more civilized people, the more vulnerable. I have intruded in this dust before. Before we became complacent, a nation of a culture of full-time irony. Before my heart was torn out.  Satoru


It is humanoid to have conflicts and opposing desires. Humans are excellent reward detectors, and it is our evolutionary legacy to reward our bodies and neurotransmitters. Our primitive systems alert us to anything that will reward us with what we need, want, or seek. We operate in the realm of instinct, reflex, anthropological heritage, and the indoctrination of advertising and technology. Our lives are saturated with allures, become phone dummies, text messages, take selfies, shop, gamble, smoke, have sex, drink, and overeat junk food. Our physical and mental systems were built and solidified when survival was competitive. This is why it is difficult to control our desires because addiction is a pathological form of learning built into our primary circuits. This is just one reason why people struggle with food addiction and obesity and have many conflicting thoughts and actions. This is why change is so complex and requires Herculean efforts to modify even simple desires. Superimposed on this physical imperative is the saturation of data and Big Tech, which aggravates our flaws and democracy while assaulting our capabilities to reason, trust, innovate, control, and act in our interest.


Anal-cranial inversion

Researchers just discovered a strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to sustain life. They are virtually immune to any form of verifiable knowledge, leaving investigators at a loss to educate them. The strain may have developed the ability to transpose information en-route from the gluteus maximus to the brain, producing anal-cranial inversion, nullifying the normal functions of human consciousness. It is likely that they will become more receptive to facts once they are in an environment without food, water, or oxygen.


Stand up

One of the casualties of agent orange losing the election is the profession of comedians. For years, their material was written by the chief clown himself. Although tragic, the ineptness of the presidency laid the groundwork for humor and levity. In fact, we became the laughing stock of the entire world. Incompetents is always funnier than integrity. All the jokes written about Biden’s age and mental state dried up with a two-hour excellent speech, covering many difficulties and solutions to our nation’s problems. Now the comedians’ focus must shift to the republican party: one big catastrophic joke. 


Your Food

I received a few emails about my last blog, accusing me of being an anal compulsive, alarmist, denying climate change, and not having an understanding that scientific progress can cure all our problems. 

How do you counteract stupidity? How do we spread understanding, knowledge, and awareness? If you like my blog, please ask a friend to sign up.

This is a partial answer to the unaware. This excerpt is from my next book, A Way to Health – Move, which will be out in a few months. A few more blogs from the health book will follow.

95% of the food and the fruits and vegetables we eat are treated with chemicals and insecticides. The sub-lethal effect of pesticides and the residuals last for years and don’t necessarily affect the human body for decades. Cancer produced in 10 or 15 years is created and caused by the long-lasting residualsand the sub-lethal effects of the pesticides you’ve been eating all your life. Also, what about the combinationof chemicals you’re taking and forced to take through the different fruits and vegetables you’ve been eating. Systemic pesticides stay with the soil and all the plants and are cumulative. The EPA, the environmental protection agency supposed to protect you, does not do any tests.All the tests on the insecticides are done by the chemical produces, who profit by selling the insecticide. Proof of that world is why we have an annihilation of bees. If the bees die, you only have the six grains to eat: no fruit, no vegetables, think about that.