Wants and Needs

We all have needs. When they are not meet, we have conflicts, problems and stress. Some of our basic needs are: to achieve and be successful, to be liked and loved, admired, respected, taken care of, to be gratified through food, drink, sex, entertainment, play, to be strong, and to be immortal, nobody likes the idea of their death. To allow these conflicts to internalize, they plant the seeds of the development of physical symptoms and manifestations. So, first differentiate between your needs and wants. If you do not need it, it is a luxury. There is nothing inherently wrong with indulgences, but comprehend that they are not necessities. Than recognize, and accept, that not fulfilling these accumulated wants and needs is a key to less stress, health problems, anger, rage, and frustration. (From A Way to Health – Move, to be published in 2019)



Noise is an environmental catastrophe.

When I go out on the beach, in the islands or Jacksonville, my heart laughs. The quiet and silence permeates the air and sky. Time slows down with your heartbeat and peace and wellness fills up your emotions.

The antithesis of this tranquility is trying to dine under the blare of loud music. What is not realized, by most societies, is that the stress response is triggered by loud noise. So, while the environment is made more exciting, your entire system is being deteriorated by attempting to relax and have a meal. The loud music is the equivalent of having the lions close at hand while you are trying to consume the only food of the day. Stressed out dinning? You bet.


Living in the Now

Communication, perseverance, timing, and taking advantage of the prospect, combine uncompromisingly to give you success. Equally important is that you recognize that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. You may think that you have time. You have one free pass, that was it. Make your decisions faster, more specific, and implement them more efficiently. No matter how complicated, great, or lousy today was, it will pass and tomorrow is a fresh start. A new tomorrow starts today. Satoru



I must be the change that I wish to see in the world. The unity of our existence consists of perpetual change. All things change. Hold on to nothing.

If you never deviate from your normal way of doing things, then progress and growth are not possible. Change must be constant, inevitable, and something you look forward to. You must continue to probe and look out for small ways to alter your existence and grow. Reevaluate everything, make a lot of mistakes, then bury them. Try new things, test for the benefits, rehearse your new actions, develop and improve, keep going, and start all over again.


Zen Relationships

You have to cultivate friends to have them. If you don’t call or call back the connection withers. Loyalty breed’s loyalty and respect breeds respect. If someone or a friend talks about you behind your back now, they will say worse things later. Find people with some common interests and remember to take time to develop associations slowly.

Read a good book about relationships, A Way to Love – Laugh.



Walk more. Any kind of walking is beneficial to your system and can help to keep your weight down, keep you limber, give you a more optimistic mood, and help your body to function more efficiently. Leave your cell phone at home and look around. If you do not own a pair of sneakers you must consider getting a pair. It will make walking easier and more impact free. The range of walking sneakers is extremely great and you have to do some research to find the best pair and brand for you, depending on your arch, your walking posture, pronation etc. Walk, swing your arms, breath, all in the now.



Zen, life, and relationships are too important to be taken gravely. Life is a cosmic theater where we should endeavor to play our essential roles significantly, while not taking them too seriously. The powerful production goes on, and you want to develop a verse, edit, and rewrite your own story. Your reach should exceed your grasp, so keep your feet in the mud but aim for the stars. If you only grab the moon accept it cheerfully.