I must be the change that I wish to see in the world. The unity of our existence consists of perpetual change. All things change. Hold on to nothing.

If you never deviate from your normal way of doing things, then progress and growth are not possible. Change must be constant, inevitable, and something you look forward to. You must continue to probe and look out for small ways to alter your existence and grow. Reevaluate everything, make a lot of mistakes, then bury them. Try new things, test for the benefits, rehearse your new actions, develop and improve, keep going, and start all over again.



Zen Relationships

You have to cultivate friends to have them. If you don’t call or call back the connection withers. Loyalty breed’s loyalty and respect breeds respect. If someone or a friend talks about you behind your back now, they will say worse things later. Find people with some common interests and remember to take time to develop associations slowly.

Read a good book about relationships, A Way to Love – Laugh.



Walk more. Any kind of walking is beneficial to your system and can help to keep your weight down, keep you limber, give you a more optimistic mood, and help your body to function more efficiently. Leave your cell phone at home and look around. If you do not own a pair of sneakers you must consider getting a pair. It will make walking easier and more impact free. The range of walking sneakers is extremely great and you have to do some research to find the best pair and brand for you, depending on your arch, your walking posture, pronation etc. Walk, swing your arms, breath, all in the now.



Zen, life, and relationships are too important to be taken gravely. Life is a cosmic theater where we should endeavor to play our essential roles significantly, while not taking them too seriously. The powerful production goes on, and you want to develop a verse, edit, and rewrite your own story. Your reach should exceed your grasp, so keep your feet in the mud but aim for the stars. If you only grab the moon accept it cheerfully. 


Bushido Mood

Life is not easy, nothing is free, and everything has meaning. You might be sliding down the razor blade of life and be depressed. But most of the time you are responsible for your own mood. Others can influence you, but you picked them and/or gave them permission to be part of your existence. You know the one about; “I was depressed about not having shoes until I saw a man without feet.” To remind me that a situation can be worse, I have a framed photo of me when I was in Alaska. It was forty below zero Fahrenheit, my face was full of frozen ice, and I was miles from shelter. Cheer up. Satoru.


Staying Centered

Symmetry, interconnectedness, balance, and focus are all parts of good physical and mental health. All aspects of supporting a healthy mind and body are interdependent. You can run every day, dissipate all your stress, and lift weights at the gym. But, if you do not get a good night’s sleep and eat too much sugar, some parts of your system pay a price. Staying centered is also about equilibrium, calculating, stabilizing and putting yourself in the right position, mentally and physically.



Drink in the miracle of water. We are water. We need water. Just remember that it was pure water that killed the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz. Water is the universal conduct. Water is powerful, it can destroy iron and put out a fire. Nothing is softer than water but it can overcome rock. Too many people are so thirsty that they drink the water that should be used to prime the pump. Be like water, if you are trapped make a new path. God is in the rain. Dark have been my dreams of late but like tears in the rain, I keep them hidden. Drink more pure water, while you still can. Satoru.