Smile! Like life, Zen is much too important to be taken seriously.

Get outside of your tunnel vision to develop critical insights and focus on the personal and human dimension.

Happiness is an attractive quality.  Pessimists, although they may be right sometimes never make money.  It is the optimists that take the chances and reap the rewards.

Simply be yourself and don’t compete or compare.


philosophy of life

Because Buddhism poses no creator or god and sees all other central religious figures as teachers, Buddhism can be practiced without leaving a person’s faith of birth and at the same time allow the individual the attractiveness of universal interconnectedness.  Buddhism, the world’s fifth largest religion, unlike other religions, encourages you to question and challenge authority in your search for truth and the “right” way. Buddhism’s concerns are so removed from most organized religions that Buddhism to many is thought of as a philosophy of life since Buddha is regarded as a great sage but not a deity.