Casting Zen Pearls

Perhaps the most significant attribute a person can develop for success in life is the adaptability to change, and the ability to embrace change itself. Examine the last few years of your life. How much has changed? How many things in your existence have you altered? How much have you progressed? Most of us are arrogant and stubborn in our interpretation of our self-image and our life’s. We are comfortable with what we have developed, and the progress we have made, and cannot accept a quantum leap forward because it requires first unlearning a behavior and then, substituting an unfamiliar action in order to obtain a rational change forward.

If we always do what we have always done, although it is easier, then we will always get the same results. But the few opportunities to radically improve our lives usually are disguised in alternative actions and uncomfortable beginnings that require new efforts and a change in our behavior and our preconceived limitations.

So, luck, or in reality preparation meeting opportunity, only works if you are flexible and have the scope to face the realization that you have been; procrastinating, preoccupied, not prioritizing, and making excuses, (which in reality is just a well-planned lie,) and not making time to alter your direction and grow.

So, meditate on living in the now and being absolutely engaged, open yourself to new opportunities, cultivate a more objective persona, simplify and plan, and adapt as your new mantra, Life is Action.



Sense of Humor

Exercise probably helps to sustain your life more then any other factor. It allows us to have more focus, energy, and relaxation because it reduces stress. The second most important factor in prolonging your life is probably a sense of humor. Laughing also deactivates stress hormones and aids the immune system. People with a developed sense of humor tend to be more creative and more adapt at solving the many problems that life gives us. It improves many cognitive functions. Most of all, it helps people get along with others.

website dating

Satoru, I have broken off with my sweetheart and am searching the Internet for a new love. But I am in conflict with my Zen proclivity and the disappointment of my digital search. I read your last blog and laughed as I applied your/the Zen advice. My problem was completely alleviated. Can you help me with this dilemma?

The  dating websites should be declared a gigantic, permeating, buyer-beware zone. The most obvious problem is that they do not vet potentials for truthfulness so the biggest impediment in all-online dating is dishonesty. However, if you accept this fact, then screen very carefully, you might find a winner among the many players. But you must move on from a screen-dependent life and rethink your relationship to technology and our new always connected culture and its many forms of digital exhaustion. For years television and weed was a great zone out form of relaxation and a way to escape involvement. Now the digital age has given us an interactive diversion that sucks us in to believing that we are connected and refining our relationships and lists. Conversation, physical interaction, visual stimulation, sensatory experience, and significant bonding connections have taken a back seat to our computers, pads and cell phones. Not to denigrate the fantastic accomplishments of communication and facilitations that the digital age has given to us. But, interpersonal relationships, eye-to-eye contact, and acquiring a new honey, are about being in a state of communication, living physically, and in the now.


Many people are compulsively into control because they lack imagination. They do not internalize that life is not linear, and that communication, growth, people, and activities have multiplicities of variables. This is why many administrators, supervisors, and relationships destroy initiative, because they cannot make dynamic plans without hope and conceptualize future inconsistencies. Hope cannot be projected without imagination and change. Situations and the future have to be conceptualized as different; you cannot just concentrate on attempting to perfect the present. How do we learn to modulate our control, increase our essential imagination, and expand our scope? Is the answer in the question? Satoru

Bird Song

I posted this blog before but I just wanted you to hear this one birds song. Turn up your volume and turn down the base.

I am on a tiny island just off a small archipelago in the Caribbean. I do not listen to music or watch television. The biggest event in the evening is dinner. At night, I reconnect with the sky, seeing thousands of stars because there are no lights. In the evening I read on the terrace overlooking, with a 180-degree view, miles of still ocean and a pink-sanded beach were eons ago the hourglass of time spilled its contents. The view coupled with the isolation is spiritual and I have reverence for the sky, the ocean, and the sun. The only two sounds are the rhythmic waves breaking on the shore and the song of the birds. The birds have an immense medley of thirty or so wobbles, squeak, whistles, beeps and songs. I am transfixed by the sounds of the birds and just listen to their song. In the background, the silver waves are a steady heartbeat. The cool breeze blows silently off the ocean and I breath deeply the fresh air. It is a calm and quiet peace.