website dating

Satoru, I have broken off with my sweetheart and am searching the Internet for a new love. But I am in conflict with my Zen proclivity and the disappointment of my digital search. I read your last blog and laughed as I applied your/the Zen advice. My problem was completely alleviated. Can you help me with this dilemma?

The  dating websites should be declared a gigantic, permeating, buyer-beware zone. The most obvious problem is that they do not vet potentials for truthfulness so the biggest impediment in all-online dating is dishonesty. However, if you accept this fact, then screen very carefully, you might find a winner among the many players. But you must move on from a screen-dependent life and rethink your relationship to technology and our new always connected culture and its many forms of digital exhaustion. For years television and weed was a great zone out form of relaxation and a way to escape involvement. Now the digital age has given us an interactive diversion that sucks us in to believing that we are connected and refining our relationships and lists. Conversation, physical interaction, visual stimulation, sensatory experience, and significant bonding connections have taken a back seat to our computers, pads and cell phones. Not to denigrate the fantastic accomplishments of communication and facilitations that the digital age has given to us. But, interpersonal relationships, eye-to-eye contact, and acquiring a new honey, are about being in a state of communication, living physically, and in the now.

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