Sense of Humor

Exercise probably helps to sustain your life more then any other factor. It allows us to have more focus, energy, and relaxation because it reduces stress. The second most important factor in prolonging your life is probably a sense of humor. Laughing also deactivates stress hormones and aids the immune system. People with a developed sense of humor tend to be more creative and more adapt at solving the many problems that life gives us. It improves many cognitive functions. Most of all, it helps people get along with others.


Many people are compulsively into control because they lack imagination. They do not internalize that life is not linear, and that communication, growth, people, and activities have multiplicities of variables. This is why many administrators, supervisors, and relationships destroy initiative, because they cannot make dynamic plans without hope and conceptualize future inconsistencies. Hope cannot be projected without imagination and change. Situations and the future have to be conceptualized as different; you cannot just concentrate on attempting to perfect the present. How do we learn to modulate our control, increase our essential imagination, and expand our scope? Is the answer in the question? Satoru

Bird Song

I posted this blog before but I just wanted you to hear this one birds song. Turn up your volume and turn down the base.

I am on a tiny island just off a small archipelago in the Caribbean. I do not listen to music or watch television. The biggest event in the evening is dinner. At night, I reconnect with the sky, seeing thousands of stars because there are no lights. In the evening I read on the terrace overlooking, with a 180-degree view, miles of still ocean and a pink-sanded beach were eons ago the hourglass of time spilled its contents. The view coupled with the isolation is spiritual and I have reverence for the sky, the ocean, and the sun. The only two sounds are the rhythmic waves breaking on the shore and the song of the birds. The birds have an immense medley of thirty or so wobbles, squeak, whistles, beeps and songs. I am transfixed by the sounds of the birds and just listen to their song. In the background, the silver waves are a steady heartbeat. The cool breeze blows silently off the ocean and I breath deeply the fresh air. It is a calm and quiet peace.


PROBLEMS. Solve the problems when they occur. Worrying is not productive.

Here is my formula for dealing with problems and projects.

Divide up what you want to do, learn, solve, or be. The steps are,

A-Inception. What is the idea that you want to express, change, work on, solve, or do?

B-Incubation and imagination. Think about it, dream about it, state the problem, and draw plans in your mind or on paper. Take your time and write down everything first. Dump it all out of your head and you can refine it later.

C-Practical application. Work with it. Practice, make a model, and pull the ingredients together. Dissect any aspect that appears too complicated. Approach the same question from different perspectives and aspects.

D-Culmination. Keep going until you finish or find a solution. If it’s too arduous or complicated a project start again after putting it away awhile. Do it.


There are only people and things and things don’t hug back.

This generation, children, teenagers and people under forty, have a tremendous ignorance gap because of the false science and values they have learned on television and from advertising since they were infants.

Problems cannot and will not be solved by all–natural, pH-balanced, over the counter, 1-800, cure-all-dot-com. Even though you can use the net to meet, communicate, write and set up contacts with people, intimacy comes from contact not distance. Don’t let the soul-destroying power of technological advances bring you to a place were there is no room for music, nature, or real friends. Get off the Internet, hear the person speak, observe the body language, see the demeanor, and meet people personally.


Kim said, “Don’t lecture me. I have read A Way To Live.”

Satoru answered, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.”

“Would you buy gold at half price?”

“Would you improve your health and happiness if it only cost you a few minutes?”

“Do you believe in Genies?”

If your answer is “no” go back to sleep. If your answer is “yes,” will you be aggressive enough to rub the bottle? If not, it does not matter what you believe. Even a genie, someone that can grant you your life’s wishes, needs some encouragement. If you are so passive, inhibited, inflexible or scared that you refuse to believe or to rub the bottle then you suffer the consequences of inaction, and your chance to fulfill your dreams is lost forever.

So, since life is action, sign up for the blog and if you read the book you will have some new thoughts that will improve your life.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.



I can remember when long distant phone calls were very expensive. You tried to stay under three minutes because after that the price increase soared. Now I talk to and at the same time see my friends all over the world for nothing through Skype. But what really got to me was the range of the World Wide Web. I went to the dashboard of my site and found that people from forty-seven counties has visited my site.

After you made an initial contact you have to maintain and keep the connection.
Life is Action.