Zen Hurricane Swim

Unless it is too dangerous I will swim in Sandy the Hurricane tomorrow. The last time I swam in a hurricane was in Manhattan Beach Brooklyn. The waves during that storm thundered in and although they were only twelve feet they were the most brutish force I ever encountered. The wave undertow pulled me out into the breakers and then slammed me down pinning me against the sand. I could not move until the crush of the water flowed over and past me. Then, I kicked to the surface and took a deep breath before the next wave crashed over holding me against the bottom with tons of seawater pressing down. I could move in or out of the sea a few feet at a time as long as I didn’t fight the undertow. It was an exciting Zen game for a swimmer and I enjoyed the experience. There is nothing that makes you feel more alive than engaging in a high-risk activity and at the same time utterly focusing your mind. I didn’t know what the reaction of these Bahamian waves was going to be. The Brooklyn experience was in a relatively enclosed huge bay and in northern waters. This hurricane was in the open sea in the Bahamas. I’d have to test the water and especially the crosscurrents carefully, less I be pulled out to sea off the island. Tomorrow will be an engaging day.