Zen perception

Zen perception of the now is anchored in spontaneity, simplicity and total awareness.

You understand a joke spontaneously. Your perception of the humor usually is not analyzed or studied before you simple smile or laugh. No amount of explanation or intellectual analysis can explain to a person who does not have a sense of humor why the joke is funny. You get the joke or it escapes you, even if you fake the laugh you still haven’t got the joke.

In the same way you must experience the awaking of Zen Buddhism directly. You either get it or you do not. Satori cannot be learned, it must be experienced through your personal newly found awareness.

All things change when we do.


A taste of A Way to Love – Laugh

Taste of A way to love


A Way To Love – Laugh

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New Start

Be part of the times that you live in without giving in to the elements of life that will be destructive to you. This does not say you must go along with the crowd or be a rebel. It means that you should have some flexibility and a sense of humor about life. It also means that changing your job, love life, friends, or entire life is a possibility.

Don’t waste one moment on your past mistakes. All flowers need manure.

If you close one door open another.


Sense of Humor

Exercise probably helps to sustain your life more then any other factor. It allows us to have more focus, energy, and relaxation because it reduces stress. The second most important factor in prolonging your life is probably a sense of humor. Laughing also deactivates stress hormones and aids the immune system. People with a developed sense of humor tend to be more creative and more adapt at solving the many problems that life gives us. It improves many cognitive functions. Most of all, it helps people get along with others.