Self Realization.

“I love your blog, your book, your advice, but how do I start? I want to make my life better. I do not think I have the discipline. I still think of the pains, the mistakes and the time that I have wasted. Help me please.”

If you concentrate on all the hurts that life has given to you, you are looking backwards. Perhaps you need to stop and realign your focus. What if you have your hands tied behind you and you are dumped into the ocean? You choices have been narrowed to only survival. What do you do to survive?

But your circumstances are not that dire. Maybe instead of focusing on your problems you need to take a break. When was the last time you just stopped and listened to some music, the true gift of the gods. Have you tried to meditate? What can be so difficult about just sitting and breathing? Be receptive and open to the lessons, chances, and opportunities right in front of you. Life is action, but it is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

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