PROBLEMS. Solve the problems when they occur. Worrying is not productive.

Here is my formula for dealing with problems and projects.

Divide up what you want to do, learn, solve, or be. The steps are,

A-Inception. What is the idea that you want to express, change, work on, solve, or do?

B-Incubation and imagination. Think about it, dream about it, state the problem, and draw plans in your mind or on paper. Take your time and write down everything first. Dump it all out of your head and you can refine it later.

C-Practical application. Work with it. Practice, make a model, and pull the ingredients together. Dissect any aspect that appears too complicated. Approach the same question from different perspectives and aspects.

D-Culmination. Keep going until you finish or find a solution. If it’s too arduous or complicated a project start again after putting it away awhile. Do it.


There are only people and things and things don’t hug back.

This generation, children, teenagers and people under forty, have a tremendous ignorance gap because of the false science and values they have learned on television and from advertising since they were infants.

Problems cannot and will not be solved by all–natural, pH-balanced, over the counter, 1-800, cure-all-dot-com. Even though you can use the net to meet, communicate, write and set up contacts with people, intimacy comes from contact not distance. Don’t let the soul-destroying power of technological advances bring you to a place were there is no room for music, nature, or real friends. Get off the Internet, hear the person speak, observe the body language, see the demeanor, and meet people personally.


I can remember when long distant phone calls were very expensive. You tried to stay under three minutes because after that the price increase soared. Now I talk to and at the same time see my friends all over the world for nothing through Skype. But what really got to me was the range of the World Wide Web. I went to the dashboard of my site and found that people from forty-seven counties has visited my site.

After you made an initial contact you have to maintain and keep the connection.
Life is Action.


The ancestor to every action is a thought. Emerson

A woman dropped her keys.  She got down on her hands and knees and searched for them.  She prayed to her God that she would find them. A man came over to her and asked what was wrong.  She explained that she lost her keys.  “Where did you lose them?” the man asked. “Over there in the grass” the women replied.  “Then why are you searching over here on the sidewalk.” He asked.  Because there’s more light here under the lamppost.” She answered.  An old joke with many variations but indicative of how some of us try to solve our problems.  We create our problems on the inside and try to solve them by looking outside of ourselves.