PROBLEMS. Solve the problems when they occur. Worrying is not productive.

Here is my formula for dealing with problems and projects.

Divide up what you want to do, learn, solve, or be. The steps are,

A-Inception. What is the idea that you want to express, change, work on, solve, or do?

B-Incubation and imagination. Think about it, dream about it, state the problem, and draw plans in your mind or on paper. Take your time and write down everything first. Dump it all out of your head and you can refine it later.

C-Practical application. Work with it. Practice, make a model, and pull the ingredients together. Dissect any aspect that appears too complicated. Approach the same question from different perspectives and aspects.

D-Culmination. Keep going until you finish or find a solution. If it’s too arduous or complicated a project start again after putting it away awhile. Do it.


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