Wants and Needs

We all have needs. When they are not meet, we have conflicts, problems and stress. Some of our basic needs are: to achieve and be successful, to be liked and loved, admired, respected, taken care of, to be gratified through food, drink, sex, entertainment, play, to be strong, and to be immortal, nobody likes the idea of their death. To allow these conflicts to internalize, they plant the seeds of the development of physical symptoms and manifestations. So, first differentiate between your needs and wants. If you do not need it, it is a luxury. There is nothing inherently wrong with indulgences, but comprehend that they are not necessities. Than recognize, and accept, that not fulfilling these accumulated wants and needs is a key to less stress, health problems, anger, rage, and frustration. (From A Way to Health – Move, to be published in 2019)

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