The Millennium Crusades

Not to eradicate the Taliban and leave women at their mercy is a mistake. A religion that does not allow music is deceitful and sick. This was the same thinking that leads to the lack of file sharing that allowed 9/11 to happen and the beginning of the Millennium crusades. I was a witness, casualty, and close to victims of 9/11. I will never let it happen again. The negatives of revenge and protection will never outweigh the defensive action to prevent another catastrophe. I am inconsolable because of this catastrophe. I watched the towers’ trajectory, and in minutes the burst and the profound blackness of smoke and ashes of the dead fill the skies. An arc of time interrupted by eternity on the way down to a sticky coating of paranoia. Monsters were hiding in the debris below, and it took a civilized person to know who the real ones were. The more civilized people, the more vulnerable. I have intruded in this dust before. Before we became complacent, a nation of a culture of full-time irony. Before my heart was torn out.  Satoru

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