I apologize

I apologize. I have a tough time dealing with incompetence and stupidity on this level. But even the bible says, “Do not suffer fools gladly.” Some people need a job where they do not deal with the public or have to think. A person has to know their limitations.

Trump’s election is simultaneously a sign that many people were desperate for something different and a reflection of the shallow, frivolous, and uneducated culture that spawned him. He’s just trying to skate through his presidency without getting impeached and have his family get rich on the other side. Agent Orange’s response has been typical Trump: Lie or ignore the truth, mislead, obfuscate, appoint leaders inept at leading on the issues and, of course, shift blame. And the Vichy republicans support of agent orange is blind obedience. Trump then declares that everything is under control, when control is the last thing the administration has, especially over an emergency outbreak. And Trump put Pence in charge of the Coronavirus pandemic. A man who believes in fairy tales rather than science, and funerals for miscarriages. This administration has America swinging between imperturbability and panic. With dwindling, public confidence, and unwanted Trump appendages being cut off and fired when they are no longer useful to him. We have taken a giant step backwards to Deja voodoo, and become hypersensitive to bull dust, ever since we have had our faces rubbed in it. Disaster now appears as possible and intolerable.

Stay safe, isolate.

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