Earth day

The energy that the sun gives to the earth in one hour is equivalent to all the energy used in a year by civilization.

Throughout the past century, humankind has done everything in its power to dominate nature. We dammed all of our planet’s important rivers, chopped down rain and old-growth forests, depleted our precious soil and paved over enormous amounts of fertile farmland. Burning fossil fuels created over eons, we pumped billions of tons of greenhouse gasses in the air, altering atmospheric chemistry, changing weather patterns, and appreciably warming the planet on an accelerated basis. As our world’spopulation rises above the 7 billion marks, dozens of animal and plant species go extinct every day. We have a very simple challenge. Build a sustainable economy, or stay with our unstainable system until it declines, to a planetary-scale degradation, and takes us all down with it.

Once a year we celebrate the earth ecologically. The rest of the year we treat it like dirt.

Stay safe, isolate.


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