Health Facts

Agrostological campaign. The word refers to the purposeful spread of ignorance. It’s how people create uncertainty about scientific results when there really shouldn’t be any. The real pioneers were the tobacco companies, and the campaign to discredit doctors who claimed tobacco smoke was a carcinogen, it is. Become suspicious when some nefarious institutional entities are controlling the situation. Protect yourself from magical thinking by developing a strong base of information about the subject, not just by googling terms. Below are some reliable sources.


Some of the best sources for reliable health information are:

Centers for disease control and prevention,, (disease outbreaks.)

Cleveland Clinic Mayo Clinic, (explains conditions) ((diagnose and treatments)

Cochrane, (Reports on the various topic by scientists)

Medline Plus, (Hot issues and evidence)

World health organization, (World Wide clarifications.)

Stay safe, Isolate.

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