Today, when someone stands too close to me in a line, my first inclination is to say, “Dummy, don’t you have any awareness whatsoever?”

But I have developed a better delivered message, that others around me see as well. I don’t say anything; I just use four gestures. The first gesture is to point my finger at the person, you. My next gesture is to point my two fingers at my eyes, see. The third gesture is to hold my hand out in front of me palm up, stop. The fourth gesture is to point, with my index finger taping my temple, use your brain. The gestures just take a moment. They may take me for someone who’s speech is impaired, but I get their attention, and they back off. In my mind, I’m still saying “Wake up you moron.” I have a right not to be infected by somebody who is not paying attention. Semi-OK it’s not enough. I have a sort of a cranky optimism but I’m severely annoyed by behavior from certain people’s pestilence, phone dummy’s, pollution, climate change, and just annoying behavior especially by stupid people. We have to get back to doing what is possible and the people that say it can’t be done should just get out of the way. We have to act, train, and educate people, not to be morons.

Stay safe, isolate.

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