I always feel guilty when I pee into a toilet. I have been thirsty and I have been hungry. You can live for weeks without food. You can only live days without water. Clean water is the miracle of this planet and makes all life possible. What am I doing, crapping it up? This is water that can keep me alive. We use it to clean, flush it into oblivion, and take it for granted. All the next wars on this planet will be fought over water. Ecologically we are eroding the foundations of our economies, food security, clean water, and health worldwide, as the atmospheres carbon dioxide level reaches highs not seen in three million years. When will we wake up and get the message? People have not learned to save themselves or take care of themselves and others, so how are we are going to save the planet. We interfere with nature continually and wonder why all the species on earth are disappearing. But all this will not matter if we do not have a planet to live on.


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