Noise and Air Quality

If you are a jogger or breathe, this is an alert.

This information is from a meteorologist friend who works for the EPA.

If you are fatigued more often, have a slight cough, tearing eyes or running nose, it is a reaction to our worsening air pollution. The world is drowning in an ocean of noise and air quality alerts are much more frequent. Since the DOT has changed Grand Street in NYC, into two lanes, the heart stressing, horn blowing noise, and the air pollution, has become critically unhealthy. As a political organization, the EPA could not keep asserting that the air quality was unacceptable. Imagine what the public’s reaction would be after two weeks of filthy air? So, the EPA changed the nomenclatures of their air pollution levels. They are now using the euphuism “moderate” for air that is just on the line of being unacceptable to breathe. When the particle count is over 50, the air is unhealthy to breath. Our neighborhoods count is 47. It is also a fact that we are experiencing extreme pollen levels. If you would like more information, contact me for an alleviating alternative. Cheers. S

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