Moving forward after misfortunes

Release the thoughts that no longer serve you, by first acknowledging the harm it is doing to your physical and mental health, by carrying the weight of the past hurts, disappointments, madness, accidents, and life’s tribulations. Then stop and visualize the freedom of cleansing yourself of the burden. God and Caesar are man-made authorities but one’s ultimate authority should be oneself. It is not your fault, obligation, or duty to punish yourself or hold the guilt or shame. Be accessible, find some key people and engage them. Focus on your mid-course correction and then your new direction. Even if you did the best you could and failed, you tried. Move forward into a positive reality by understanding you have another chance today to get under way again, and begin. Are you breathing? Drink a full glass of water, stretch, take a deep breathe, put your hands over your head and say out loud, “Yes I can start again.”


One thought on “Moving forward after misfortunes

  1. “Release those thoughts that no longer serve you.” I remember talking about that phrase with Zen Hantz. It has served me well the last year while working to move forward. It will continue to serve the remainder of my life. Thanks for the writing I enjoyed it.

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