Rejection II

Wow. So many people emailed me about this blog, and asked for counsel, that I have to continue with some advice. It is also an excerpt from the book, A Way to Love Laugh.

Rejection like old age is a part of life, both suck. The alternatives, no action and death are a lot worse. Unfortunately, we hear rejection louder than praise. But, we have to live with refusal and accept the negative aspects; we must accommodate and move on. If you are actively seeking a new love, you must be somewhat aggressive. You will be bashed and dismissed: so, what? The idea is to end in triumph and obtain your goal. Do not search for a companion in some remote or exotic place. The easiest place to find love is where you are. But, you must be available to have a relationship and friends and not always too busy.

Some thoughtful strategies might be to tell yourself and believe; the person didn’t know me anyway, they didn’t want to take the risk, there is no accounting for taste, no one really knows how good I am, no one knows what I have to give. But, most of all, it only takes just one person to accept and love you. You can lessen the pain by simply trying again. If they say no, just say to yourself, NEXT!


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