A Friend

An excerpt from A Way To Love – Laugh, soon to be published.

Kim*, It’s not strange to be able to tell a friend your troubles and share. That’s what friends are for and it helps to talk and relieve the stress.

My definition of a friend is a kind of honest, loving, light revealing, mirror in which we learn to recognize ourselves and are shaped and modified. We are lousy at being objective about ourselves, where we are going, whom we are going to be, what we will desire a decade from now, and most of all how and if we have changed and in what direction. A real friend can tell it to you bluntly and straight and perhaps save you some grief. Don’t marry that so and so, that’s an ill advised tattoo, consolidate, don’t make another purchase and lousy financial decision. But it is so hard to give heed to that we usually don’t listen.



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