Ocean Buddha


I was floating in forty feet of water with a mask, fins and snorkel. The cloudy sky cleared and the strong overhead sun felt good on my back. Suddenly the floor below exploded, as the sun shone through the gin clear waters, the waves acting like refraction gratings broke up the suns rays into the colors of light. Looking down at the pure white sand was to see a chain link fence, made of a thousand rainbows, covering the entire sea floor.

The continual motion on the surface made the links dance and undulate. My shadow cast on the pallid sand sent concentric circles radiating from my silhouette. The image was Buddha on the water, my outlines every disturbance radiating from my body.

Every circle was also a rainbow and this was superimposed on the chain-links of dancing colors that rippled around me. I was a dark entity surrounded by brilliant moving light. I was transfixed and mystified. There was nothing I could do but watch. When I do my Zen meditation I will focus on this image.




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