I was trying to have a conversation with Marjorie Taylor Green. It always struck me as unusual that white trash could become a senator. After trying to explain how democracy works, and her unresponsiveness, a quote from the Bible came to me. “Cast ye not pearls before swine year yah they trample them into the mud.” So I left her without another word and spoke to another disingenuous person, Senator Joe Manchin, an alleged Democrat, derailing Democratic priorities. The man has little integrity or honor and competes for the position of a traitor. My grandfather used to say, “Give a little man a little power; you see how little he is; give a big man a little power, and you see how big he is.” I stopped talking to this little man, and so should the nation, certainly his voters. How intelligent can Americans be if they elect these representatives who have no interest in progress, helping anyone but themselves, and are just interested in enhancing their political careers? Let’s start a better world by voting them and their enablers out. Satoru

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