Democracy is in real trouble when we don’t separate church and state. The supreme court religious right is just warming up. Here are some of the things they are discussing for their future agenda and reversals; Hitting, striking, or harassing any priest or religious leader is a felony (the exception being only for rabbis.) All gay people will wear a rainbow on the outside of the jackets for identification. Shaking hands as a greeting because of Covid will be replaced by crossing yourself. Hillary Clinton is a witch and will be burned at the stake. All life is sacred. Teeth have veins that give them a form of life. All dental extractions can only be granted when a male relative gives a female permission. It also follows that miscarriages will receive funerals. Alcohol will no longer be served on the Sabbath throughout the United States.

Get involved. Pick a side. Life is action. Assert equality or lose democracy.

My body my choice.


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