My exceptional friend Richard Mavrovich sent me an email with the subject line, “The difference.” The message was an image of two panels shaped like the dashboard of a jet fighter. One-labeled WOMAN was covered with knobs, buttons, diodes, switches, and dials, complex, and almost unfathomable. The MEN box had but a single switch, labeled on and off. The “message” certainly makes men look simpler than women. Perhaps it is true, since most women associate sex with family, children, new life and new relationships, whereas men associate sex with life itself. For a man, being with a woman and making love, with all its intensity and intimacy, is a way of affirming a primal instinct of procreation and refuting death.

Do not make culmination type choices when you are too young, too inexperienced in life’s variables or too unsophisticated to understand all the permutations, because they can set the course of your life in a troubled direction. Especially, in the choice of relationships. Shop around.


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