More continued

Everyone wants more money to have more disposable income to spend on goods and services to make them happier, making consuming the definition of progress. But we have excluded values such as leisure time, volunteer work, clean air, low crime and longer healthier lives into the calculations of more and happier. We have also turned the planets resources  into things we can consume, whether renewable or not. The real world has art, truth, wonders to satiate both the sophisticated and gross, beauty, and love, that should be enough. But everyone wants more. We only have to open our eyes to see that we already have everything we need. The world has too many unawares, all demanding exotic baubles and using too much of society’s energy to satisfy frivolous cravings, upsetting the exquisitely delicate balance between ecology and society.

Taste the Now, smell the infinite, feel the smooth skin, hear the silence and the music of the wind, develop a Technicolor mind, be blinded by the rainbows and see forever.



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