Zen Objectivity

We fabricate our illusions, basing our perceptions on thoughts rather than realities. Perhaps it is because thinking is more entertaining than knowing. And although we think in generalities we live in details. So, we focus on the details of planning, compiling and refining lists, calculating variables and alternate scenarios, and dreams of improvements and expanded life styles. This lack of objectivity in our thinking manifests itself by allowing us to become emotional attached to possessions, expectations, and situations. But the real quantum leaps of improvement in our lives escapes us because we are not detached enough to simplify our existence to concentrate on the absolute priories and look at the world with fresh interest.

Open your eyes and see in the Now, simplify, understand, search, meditate, read, plan, and begin.


One thought on “Zen Objectivity

  1. You may have to call in the Department of Health.  The water temperature of a public laundry has to be much higher than the laundry in ones home.


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