Bushido Stress Response

While generally it is beneficial to reduce stressful situations and relieve stress through exercise, yoga, and other outlets, it is also imperative that you view your stress with a different intervention. The belief that your body is rising to the challenge and an interpretation that stress is all right if it gives you meaning in your life. Keep in mind that stress makes you social by producing oxycetosin, a stress hormone that makes you want to hug, talk, and support. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps heal your heart.

When you reach out to help, or get help, the human connection allows the stress to be reduced. People, who spend time caring for others, and how you think and act, create the biology of relief. Joy and meaning for life and challenges gives you strength. So, try to reinterpret stress as not only all bad but helping you to rise to a more productive level and interact with people more frequently.

Don’t expect life to go in a straight line.


One thought on “Bushido Stress Response

  1. Thanks Mel, I needed that. Survived & making progress & reaching out as best I can. Your new post is timely! Hugs Jan

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