Zen Intuition

Buckminster Fuller in his book Intuition wrote,
Clearly, it is seen
That man’s metaphysical mind
Demonstrates the most effective
Syntropic capability evidenced in Universe
Excepting that of the universal mind’s
Cosmic syntropy
As manifest in the eternal design complex,
Comprehensively and synergetically interacomodative
As eternally regenerative Universe,
Which cosmic syntropy combines
All the metaphysical integrities
As well as all the physical patterns.

All though his brilliance shines through, his suitcase-sized sentences are essential attempts to deliver all the thoughts and elements simultaneity. Summed up, in Zen, I think he was saying, We are all one.
Zen can be equally impressive in brevity.
Life is action.
Belief creates fact.
Alone is also all one.
Sit, breath, meditate, Zen.
Chance favors the prepared mind.
Knowledge, repeated, equals survival.

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