Bushido’s Lesson

The Samurai were respected for their fighting skills, their code, and their loyalty. Although these particulars are exemplary, this is not why the Samurai have been revered for centuries. The reason that they are remembered is because of their entire life style and the living examples’ that they encompassed. They lived in a continual state of being involved, with honor, true to their word, focused in the now, persistently improving themselves, their relationships, skills, aesthetics, attention to detail, and striving not for perfection but excellence in all their endeavors.

So how do we emulate them, gain mental strength, and positively change? First identify points of failure and make small changes. This will help you reap disproportionate gains. Take full responsibility for your deeds or indecisions. At the same time you must understand and internalize that, hope is not a strategy, dreams are for those asleep, this existence is not a dress rehearsal, and Life is Action. Satoru

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