Motivation and enthusiasm.

Motivation and enthusiasm fed each other.

The root of the word enthusiasm comes from the Greece enthu to have God within.

In my dating days I went out with many women of different backgrounds and ages. The older women, even though they more frequently knew what they wanted, were hesitant to go after a man. They had been raised to believe that the man should be the aggressor and so they hardly ever telephoned. Instead they waited for the man to call them, the proper way.

The younger women by comparison, were raised as a television generation. On television programs, unless there is an action drama or movie, we just see talking heads. The younger women took the initiative. They called and even though they were less solvent economically, they invited you out for dinner. Guess who had more success and who went out just for the sake of going out? Guess who met more people and networked more often?

If you are sensitive and polite, you can be as aggressive as you wish.


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