*The Art Walk

*The Art Walk

I am a native New Yorker. I love my city and I always have contributed toward making it better. I want to quiet down Grand Street in my neighborhood. The blasting car horns are excessive and rude drivers coming off the FDR drive queuing up to cross the Williamsburg Bridge are impatient and uncaring about the noise.

After the street is quiet I would like to line it with benches all the way from Soho to the Colliers Park on the FDR drive. Eventually I want to work on enhancing the beautiful parks that are all along Grand Street and on the islands that bisect the street. I would like to create a beautiful Art Walk from the Soho area, from the galleries, to Colliers Park. Then people can walk, talk, sit and enjoy the day, artwork, and city. The walk will do great things for the business in the area, it will increase it considerably, and it will make everything safer because of more people on the street. It will contribute to the quality of life in the city for tourists as well as the citizens who live here. I am a successful sculptor (www.sculptorhantz.com) and I have many artists’ friends and gallery associates that are interested in contributing sculpture to the betterment of the city.

If you would like to help with this worthwhile project please contact me at Sculptorhantz@gmail.com. Together we can do it. Life is Action.



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