My words are not my own, but of the universe and as freely as I have received I give on to you.

Once the word was out that I was collecting sayings and koans, friends, well wishes, relatives, neighbors, lovers, acquaintances, and other writers and artists sent me their favorite writings. With some I was able to ascertain the general source and have listed it in the bibliography.  I apologize for any expressions that were gleaned without permission. But it is a daunting and impossible task to research the immense number of sayings, adages, proverbs, treatises, aphorisms, sutras, dictums, and maxims used throughout this book, taught over years and decades, in use in thousands of commentaries, articles, books and in the ancient and general lexicon.

As a teacher, Zen advocate, and life long student, even though I believe in intellectual copyrights, I must allow anyone who wishes to take limited quotes from my book to do so.

How can we change the world for the better if we do not share our learning and give of our intellect and ourselves?


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