All I have, since I am old, is the wisdom of a lifetime.

All I have, since I am old, is the wisdom of a lifetime.

I do not presume to tell you how to read or learn but simply convey my master’s instructions. The life force and primal knowledge is always present within you. So you can use these books any way you want but to gain more insight into yourself do not read the book as a novel. When after just a few pages or adages some idea or words strike you as significant, close the book and savor the thoughts. You might even take the time to memorize the words and internalize the lesson. Pick the book up some other day and repeat the process. You will find that the wisdom within takes time to incubate and it can be enough for a stage of life. All knowledge is integrated and there is no sequence or priority of expressions in this book. Therefore the linked chapters and numbers are put there only for your convenience.


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