Bushido Code & The Zen Pill

In this modern age, the Bushido code of Justice and Compassion means that the warrior and Zen Buddhist support women’s rights and their way toward physical and mental health.

I like to keep the quotes that I glean from other writers very short, and just to emphasize a point. But in time magazines, Milestones, Letty Pogrebin, in her writing about the death of Carl Djerassi, a creator of the birth control pill, wonderfully summed up the entire abortion and birth control problem. She writes: Djerassi’s pill gave women more freedom than the Declaration of Independence. “Unless a woman is free inside her own skin, not subject to involuntary pregnancy, it is difficult if not impossible for her to exercise personal liberty or enjoy the pursuit of happiness. By giving us control of our bodies and reproductive decisions, the Pill has revolutionized our economic, political and sexual lives and enabled us to bear children whom we are financially prepared to support and emotionally committed to nurture and love.” Satoru