Religious right

When complexity makes knowledge difficult to attain we are an organism that substitutes knowledge with beliefs. Then we become susceptible to manipulation and ideology and follow false prophets. Public policy becomes shaped by irrational beliefs rather than knowledge or facts.

To many on the religious right, religious freedom only matters if it supports a right-wing political agenda. Indeed for years, extreme-right Christian groups have been misusing religious freedom to do everything from discriminating against LGBTQ people to denying access to reproductive health care. Far from a legitimate effort to protect the right to worship freely, religious freedom has been manipulated into another tool in the Christian nationalist playbook to circumvent any law or regulation they see fit. Tribal badges of identity, not of thought. It was never about religious freedom. It was always a right-wing political agenda, cloaked in faith.

In the last 43 years, anti-abortion activists, have committed at least 11 murders, 26 attempted murders, 956 known threats of harm or death, 614 stalking incidents and four kidnappings, according to the National Abortion Federation. The supposedly “pro-life” movement has bombed 42 abortion clinics, set fire to 194 and made 667 bomb threats.