The etymology of enthusiasm is, to have god within.

It would be comforting to have a special faith, and to believe in resurrection, afterlife, or reincarnation. But after thousands of years of humanities believing in these fairy tales, no evidence or proofs have ever surfaced. Reincarnation is the most appealing to me of the many choices. But if I analyze the millenniums that wisdom should have accumulated in reincarnated individuals, there should be more talented and smart people on the earth, including more statesmen. Instead we have orangutans running for office, politicians that only think of power and personal enrichment, an unholy alliance between big government, big business, and big media, all benefiting by billions of dollars from this partnership. How are we to have faith, have enthusiasm about trying to improve the world, and ourselves, faced with the realities of our lives? It ain’t easy, but we still have to try.

Perhaps, to be more objectively analytical, considering action and time are life’s most important concepts, we should concentrate our beliefs and faiths in taking advantage of what we have and do it in a timely fashion. In this life, all we see and touch, is all we will ever have. This is not a dress rehearsal, soak it up and do it now. Satoru