Ageing attitude

Getting old is a shock, as is going from indestructible, to vulnerable, to fragile.
Confronting one’s own mortality, puts you in denial first, and then rearranges your entire life’s priorities to just stay alive.
Some adjust to the inevitable, some become despondent, some make realistic or unrealistic plans, and some just give up and die.
I firmly planted my feet in midair.
I went to my urologist. He said I could go at any time. I said I have a prostate problem. He said “To pee or not to pee that is the question.”
I went to my proctologist. He said I have hemorrhoids. I asked him “Why don’t they call them asteroids?
I went to my psychiatrist. I said I have suicidal tendencies. She said, “From now on you have to pay in advance.”

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