Most live on lonely islands, of quiet desperation, while continually repeating the same actions, yet hoping to improve their existence. They fear the newness, that even slight modifications encompass, stopping them from advancing or growing. One of the foundations for success is the adaption of new times and making incremental or significant transformations in your actions. Obviously, if you keep doing the same thing and getting the same results, you have to make changes. But most people are comfortable in their living. It’s like putting your tongue in the cavity. There’s some assurance that it is there and one day you will see a dentist. Surprise! The dentist may be too busy. You may never get to see the dentist and your tooth decays. But you only have one chance and that was it. So it is with life. Life is not a dress rehearsal and time is not on your side. Start now to transform or you will have already written the last sentence of your life story. Satoru

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