A major fitness tool

Walking is the single most underutilized tool in health and wellness. The reason we rarely hear about walking as a major fitness tool—in the same conversations as stuff like yoga or expensive spinning bikes—is that people aren’t emotionally prepared for fitness to be easy. Most people want to believe that working out and fat loss needs to be hard. A basic program performed consistently—even a half-assed effort done consistently—can bring you a really long way, much further than going hardcore once in a while. Expecting that you’ll accomplish the training required for a movie star body when starting out a fitness routine is setting yourself up for disappointment. Walking a lot, on the other hand, is something that is relatively simple to fit into your everyday life. The best fitness routine is always going to be the routine that you follow consistently. Satoru.

One thought on “A major fitness tool

  1. Yes, I would love to do more walking, however chemo is keeping me horizontal/unconscious a lot. I do still use those 3lb weights..;) Trimmed back the desert rose after last blooming. 3 weeks later new growth and blooms. I see a couple of branches need another trim after this show. Hope all is well and you are staying warm. x0, c

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