Awesome is the word that sums up the concept of a generation of intelligence. This word is usually misused since awesome has the connotation of danger. World War Two was awesome. Putting a man on the moon was awesome. Seeing a movie or buying a new pair of pants is not awesome. Change your words, and you change the world. People do not realize that it takes experience and years to absorb and cultivate wisdom. You must understand that Google is not wisdom. With the level of incompetence that is permeating the world, at an accelerating rate, “trust” will take on a new meaning. Incompetence, greed, and stupidity are forces conspiring to make us chronically unwell. These forces won’t clean our air of the virus, or make our cities more walkable, quieter, or safer. The level of carbon dioxide, which contributes to the greenhouse effect, reached highs last seen more than 3 million years ago, at which point the levels of the sea were some 50 ft. higher than today. It’s the people in official capacities, given a little power, that is skewering the world, with incompetence and their fragile egos and pride. We are breaking what we cannot fix. Satoru

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