Scamming phone calls are really a pain, especially when you get several every day. I used to just hang up. But inevitably they would call back the next day. Now I have a new procedure. Most of the time I am working on my computer when they call. I put them on speakerphone. I answer in the affirmative and allow them to go through their rehearsed script. Eventually they get around to asking for the number which is the information that they want to steal. I start to give them the number, “9780… dammit I don’t have my glasses, will you hold on?” I put the phone down and go back to what I was doing. If they call back I rebuke them, “I went to get my glasses when I came back you were gone, how can I do business with you?” I give them as much time as they want to apologize. Then I start to give them the same number again, “978… dammit someone’s at the door will you hold on this time?” I put the phone down again and go back to my business. If everyone wasted their time they would get really frustrated. Can you think of a creative way to waste their time? Isn’t it amazing that the government hasn’t figured out how to stop billions of dollars from being stolen from its citizens. Have fun, cheers. Satoru.

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