Code of Bushido and Work

I am a policeman and work for the city. Some of my fellow police officers I work with are very irritating; barely do their jobs, continually talk on their cell phones, take no initiative yet constantly complain. When we witness vehicular law infractions, instead of doing something, they say, “Well it’s New York.” How should a Zen Buddhists handle this situation?

You do not proselytize; they will teach you patience. You cannot change them by words, only by your deeds, and you cannot save anyone or arrest all the stupid petty lawbreakers. Although, you can warn them and give out summonses. With the level of incompetence, that is permeating the world, at an accelerating rate, “trust” will take on a new meaning. You cannot counteract this ineffectiveness and stupidity. You can only do your best to set an example and always take full responsibility for your actions. Incompetent people will always have an excuse for their ineptitude, which in reality is just a well-planned lie.

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